Water Bath Cleaning

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About this protocol:' This protocol outlines the steps and materials involved cleaning the laboratory water bath.

Necessary Materials

1. 70% Ethanol Solution

2. Kimwipes

3. Distilled Water

4. Anti-bacterial Soap


Important: The cleanliness of your water bath is very important! The only way to ensure the water bath does not get contaminated is to clean it regularly. Note: A water bath is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria so even if you clean the water bath frequently, it is safest to assume that anything you remove from the water bath needs to be cleaned with 70% EtOH before being placed into the BSC.


1. Turn off the water bath.

2. Prepare a pseudo-sterile environment on the table by laying down Kimwipes and spraying with 70% EtOH.

3. Remove any tube holders/stands that are in the water bath and clean with 70% EtOH before placing to dry on the pseudo-sterile space.

4. Pour out all the water into the sink.

5. Spray the entire inside of the water bath with 70% EtOH.

6. Dry the surface with a Kimwipe.

7. Repeat this process.

8. Fill the water bath with distilled water up to the fill line.

  • You must use distilled water for this procedure! Deionized water can still corrode the water bath lining.

9. Put in a few drops of anti-bacterial soap and mix (a 1000 uL pipette tip is a good clean mixing tool).

10. Spray the tube holders again with 70% EtOH and dry before replacing into the water bath.

11. Label the water bath as being cleaned.

Cleaning Up

1. All Kimwipes used can be thrown into the non-biological trash.