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|rowspan="1"|'''General Macro- and Microfabrication Techniques'''
|rowspan="1"|'''Nanoporous Gold (np-Au) Fabrication and Preparation Protocols'''
|rowspan="1"|'''Material Characterization Techniques'''
|[[Piranha Cleaning]]
|[[np-Au Precursor Alloy Fabrication]]
|[[Scanning Electron Microscopy]]
|[[Patterning with Photoresist]]
|[[np-Au Dealloying]]
|[[Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS/EDXS)]]
|[[Reactive Ion Etching]]
|[[Laser Annealing of np-Au]]
|[[Electron Backscatter Detection (EBSD)]]
|[[Sputter Deposition]]
|[[Fabrication of np-Au Material Libraries]]
|[[Dynamic Speckle Autocorrelation Spectroscopy]]
|[[Evaporation Deposition]]
|[[Plasma Cleaning np-Au Samples]]
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== Editing MediaWiki: Getting started ==
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Welcome to Laboratory Protocol Development Wiki!

LPDWiki is a project being developed by Christopher Chapman for the opensource development and tracking of experimental procedures.

Labs Currently Using LPDWiki

Seker Lab
General Lab Protocols Cell Culture Protocols Cell Staining Protocols
Biosafety Cabinet Start-up Cell Culture Media Preparation General Staining Protocol
Biosafety Cabinet Shutdown Trypsin Preparation Phalloidin Stain (F-actin)
Biological Material Disposal Culture Passaging GFAP Stain (Astrocyte - Entire cell)
70% EtOH Preparation Primary Neuron-Glia Co-Culture Tubulin-BIII Stain (Neuron - Entire cell)
Biological Waste Pickup Requests Paraformaldehyde Fixation Vinculin Stain (Focal Adhesions)
Incubator Cleaning Glutaraldehyde Fixation and SEM Preparation of Cells NeuN Stain (Neuron - Cell bodies)
Water Bath Cleaning Nestin Stain (Neural Precursor)
General Macro- and Microfabrication Techniques Nanoporous Gold (np-Au) Fabrication and Preparation Protocols Material Characterization Techniques
Piranha Cleaning np-Au Precursor Alloy Fabrication Scanning Electron Microscopy
Patterning with Photoresist np-Au Dealloying Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS/EDXS)
Reactive Ion Etching Laser Annealing of np-Au Electron Backscatter Detection (EBSD)
Sputter Deposition Fabrication of np-Au Material Libraries Dynamic Speckle Autocorrelation Spectroscopy
Evaporation Deposition Plasma Cleaning np-Au Samples

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