Biosafety Cabinet Start-up

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About this protocol: Biosafety cabinets are a crucial part of preventing contamination in cell cultures, thus it is incredibly important that proper start-up procedures be used to minimize any possible contamination for yourself or for your labmates! For more information about biosafety cabinets see the links at the bottom of the page.


Outside the BSC

1. Press and hold the 'ON' button to turn the BSC on. Also turn on the visible light and the power to the pipettor.

2. Lift the glass barrier to the first notch (until the alarm stops).

3. Let the BSC idle for ~10 minutes until the LED lights turn from red to green.

Inside the BSC

4. Spray the inside of the BSC with 70% EtOH solution to ensure a sterile working surface.

  • This step is important as you do not know who used this before you!

5. Wait for the 70% EtOH solution to evaporate.

Outside the BSC

6. Assemble the aspirator and spray with 70% EtOH before placing into the BSC.

Inside the BSC

7. Attach the aspirator to the vacuum line and arrange towards the back corner of the BSC.

Other Notes

  • Spray anything you intend on putting into the BSC with 70% EtOH solution prior to placing inside the BSC.
  • When uncapping tubes and bottles inside the BSC place the cap bottom down (this is opposite of the intuitive way to place the caps). Placing caps this way ensures nothing can aerosolize from the cap.
  • Caps and rims of tubes are generally the easiest area for bacteria to grow. If you touch the rim of a conical tube with your pipette throw the pipette away.