Biosafety Cabinet Shutdown

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About this protocol: Biosafety cabinets are a crucial part of preventing contamination in cell cultures, thus it is incredibly important that proper shutdown procedures be used to minimize any possible contamination for yourself or for your labmates! For more information about biosafety cabinets see the links at the bottom of the page.


Inside the BSC

1. Remove vacuum from the aspirator and place outside the BSC.

2. Dispose of all solid waste in the biological waste bin.

3. Spray the entire working surface with 70% EtOH.

4. Using KimWipes wipe over the working area starting from the rear of the BSC and working forward.

  • This step is important to ensure no contaminants remain on the working surface!

Outside the BSC

5. Dispose of any contained liquids through the Biological Material Disposal protocol.

6. Let the BSC idle for ~5 minutes.

7. Close the glass separator fully (until alarm stops).

8. Turn off the BSC by holding down the 'ON' button.

Other Notes

  • Do not hesitate to put on new gloves if you have touched non-sterile water or chemicals in the 4 C storage.